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Origami Elephant head

elephant head
Original model created on 01/11/2015 - Published on 16/11/2015

Origami Elephant head instructions and tutorial

This elephant head is an original model that I created for a origami creation challenge on the French origami site Pliage de papier. The theme was "Hijacking the Lilly Flower". And indeed, this elephant face was born in a lilly flower! This elephant model has only a head and no body, but it can stand by itself. And the head is complete with huge elephant ears, two elephant tusks and of course an elephant trunk!

Origami elephant head video instructions

To make an elephant head in origami, please follow the instructions from this video on YouTube:

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How to make an origami elephant head

Here are the step-by-step instructions to fold an elephant head (photo diagram and/or video).

elephant head - step 1

1. To fold the elephant head, you first have to fold a lilly flower!

elephant head - step 2

2. Start with a square sheet of paper. Put the colored face on top.

elephant head - step 3

3. Fold and unfold along the two diagonals.

elephant head - step 4

4. Turn the model over.

elephant head - step 5

5. Fold and unfold horizontally and vertically.

elephant head - step 6

6. Fold together all the folds you made. Put the open side up.

elephant head - step 7

7. Fold the right side towards the vertical axis.

elephant head - step 8

8. Slighy unfold and open the fold you just made by inverting the fold on the left.

elephant head - step 9

9. Flatten the folds.

elephant head - step 10

10. Repeat the same folds on the 3 other sides.

elephant head - step 11

11. Open the model on a fully colored side.

elephant head - step 12

12. Fold the upper tip to the bottom tip of the model.

elephant head - step 13

13. Flatten the right side towards the vertical axis. Pay special attention to the tips.

elephant head - step 14

14. Flatten the left side.

elephant head - step 15

15. Fold the bottom tip towards the top.

elephant head - step 16

16. Repeat the same folds on the 3 other sides.

elephant head - step 17

17. Fold the left and right sides towards the vertical axis.

elephant head - step 18

18. Repeat for the 3 other sides.

elephant head - step 19

19. Open the model on an unfolded side.

elephant head - step 20

20. Fold two opposite inner tips towards outside to create the tusks.

elephant head - step 21

21. Fold the top tip towards the bottom to open the model.

elephant head - step 22

22. Turn the model over.

elephant head - step 23

23. Fold back one of the top tips to form an ear.

elephant head - step 24

24. Fold the other ear.

elephant head - step 25

25. Turn the model over.

elephant head - step 26

26. Fold back the tip of the ears.

elephant head - step 27

27. Fold back the top of the head.

elephant head - step 28

28. Fold down the bottom of the ears and flatten them.

elephant head - step 29

29. Turn the model over.

elephant head - step 30

30. Curve the trunk towards the top.

elephant head - step 31

31. Fold the base of the model so that it can stand up.

elephant head - step 32

32. Your elephant head is done!

We hope you like this original paper elephant head model! Once you have folded the lilly flower, it can be a cool magic trick to turn it into an elephant face!

If you fold this elephant head origami model, please send us pictures of the result to contact@origami.plus so that we can add them to this page and create an elephant heard! Thank you!

Note: this model is an original model protected by international copyright laws. Please do not publish instructions, diagrams or videos that show how to fold it, but instead point people to this page. If you would like to help with the translation of the instructions to your language (or improve the translation), please let me know. Thank you!

Your origami elephant head photos

If you fold this elephant head, please send me pictures of your paper elephant head so that I can show them here.

Examples of origami elephants

Take a picture of your origami elephant so that we can showcase it here! :-)

A dwarf elephant who loves flowers!

This elephant was folded from a paper bag cut into a square.

What do you think of this elephant head?

Have you tried this this elephant head origami model? How did it turn out? Please tell me, and send me a picture of your model so that I can add it on this page!

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