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Origami Tulip


Origami Tulip instructions and tutorial

This easy traditional origami tulip flower is the perfect origami model to make as a gift for Valentine's Day, for Mother's Day or just to celebrate spring time. This delicate DIY paper tulip flower has beautiful curvy petals and you can also make a stem and a leaf to make it stand. It is very easy and quick to make, so you can fold a whole bouquet of tulips! This origami tulip is one of the easiest origami flower for kids and origami beginners.

To make the tulip flower, you need one square of paper (only one side will show, so you can use origami paper or any kind of paper). In the video I use a 15x15 cm square (about 6 inches).

To make the tulip stem and leaf, you need another square of paper (same size as the flower).

You will need to blow some air in the tulip to inflate it (it's an inflatable tulip). You can use your mouth, or use a straw like I did in the video.

Origami Tulip video instructions

To make a Tulip in origami, please follow the instructions from this video on YouTube:

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How to make an origami Tulip

Here are the step-by-step instructions to fold a Tulip (photo diagram and/or video).

Tulip - step 1

1. Origami Tulip with stem and leaf.

Origami tulips are easy to make and they are one of the most beautiful traditional origami models. As you can see in this origami tulip tutorial, they are also much simpler to fold than most other origami flowers. If you like it, you can also try the traditional origami lily flower (a bit more difficult and also longer). There are also very beautiful origami rose models, but they are much more difficult to fold and not recommended for origami beginners.

You can make just one origami tulip and it will look very beautiful on its own, and you can of course fold lots of them with different colors to make crafts projects like a flower bouquet in a vase, or a small origami garden!

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Thank you and happy tulip folding!


Your origami Tulip photos

If you fold this Tulip, please send me pictures of your paper Tulip so that I can show them here.

Photos of origami Tulip

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